About Us

The Presentation Sisters established Presentation Ireland in recognition of the need for strategic thinking for the future development of their work and ministry in Ireland. Click here for copy of Plan for Ministry 2007-12 (PDF, 405 KB).

Our Vision and Commitment

Presentation Ireland is inspired by the Gospels, Catholic Social Teaching, the example of Nano Nagle, founder of the Presentation Sisters, and an understanding of faith that seeks to do justice. Presentation Ireland is committed to:

Our Approach

We aim to be inclusive by listening to and involving the people we work with in the design of initiatives and in our decision-making processes.

We aim to be innovative by being open to new ideas, learning from others and being flexible and adaptable in how we do things.

We aim to influence change in public policies in favour of those who experience exclusion by drawing from the experience of people we work with and from research.

We aim to act in the Christian tradition of social justice and seek to work with all people of all faiths and those who share common values with us of inclusion, compassion and sustainability.